Sunday, 6 January 2013


Yesterday was a lot of fun attending the Haxey Hood in North Lincs. Clocking in somewhere between 650-700 years, the Haxey Hood is one of England's longest running customs. The hood itself is a long tube of leather which, after many a beer is drunk, song sung and fool smoked on the mounting stone, is lobbed into the air amongst a chaotic scrum of people (mainly residents of Haxey and the opposing Westwoodside). The aim of the "ancient game" is to push the sway hood towards one of the villages' four public houses allowing the landlord of each to try reaching out on their doorsteps to make contact with the hood; ensuring victory, celebration, and a proudly displayed prize behind the bar for the whole year. This year the whole game took just under three hours and the King's Head were the worthy winners after the sway hood charged and twisted its unpredictable progress from field to the streets of Haxey as it went dark. Here's some photos we took which set the scene and hopefully convey some of the fun/exhilaration of the event, roll on 2014, enjoy...

"Hoose agen hoose, toon agen toon, if a man meets a man knock 'im doon, but doan't 'ot 'im"

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