Sunday, 10 November 2013

'CLAPPER IS STILL' is released today!

Hurrah! Our new album 'Clapper Is Still' is released today and is widely available in shops across the land, it's on itunes etc. too! Alternatively you can buy the album on LP (inc. CD) or CD directly from our label Upset The Rhythm who are selling copies now for £10! 

Here's a very thoughtful review by Rob St John for Caught By The River too.

"Clapper is Still is an ecstatic survey of England: clattering and chopped music of concrete, crops, rosettes and rituals. There’s an uncanny sense of tradition through this record, not necessarily in the touchstones of Shirley and Dolly, nor in the imagined nostalgia for a past frequently conjured by hauntological explorers of the landscape. Instead, in a modern, lived tradition of rural rites of passage and wide-eyed explorations of the English countryside: of ruined villages, fallow fields, pylons and flyovers; of cobbled drum kits and photocopied posters for gigs in village halls, an often unknowing participation in some far-away DIY culture. The spaces Way Through map aren’t mythologised, instead brought (back) to life with a potent sense of implicit understanding, a raucous, intelligent picture of the English landscape."

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