Friday, 14 May 2010


Here's another poster for our first show in London later this month, all of these colourful men and women are invited, there might even be social interaction.

Monday, 10 May 2010


Lifted from Plain Song's interweb event page! >>> LOOKEE >>>

This month I am extremely excited to be hosting Hype Williams, Way Through and Chad Valley at this months Plain Song.

Sonic experimenters Hype Williams have been making music and touring for years now, often working with various collaborators they have evolved from a band into a free form art project. They specialize in creating immersive bass driven sound-scapes using paired down vocals, synths and electronic beats. They often use appropriated audio that gives their music an emphasis on nostalgia. They’re innovative and obscure sound ranges from the warm and fuzzy to the jarring and oppressive, but it is always incredibly compelling.

Way Through are two people phasing in and out with guitar, samples, damaged drums and vocals. They play prism punk; ragged intuitive songs shot through with technicolour noise. Using repetition, swift interplay and happenstance they have a sound which is both fun and challenging, a sound that do anything and go anywhere.

Jonquil and Vertical Montana’s front man Hugo Manuel is blessing us with his One-man band Chad Valley. He creates sun soaked mesmeric Indie sounds using a sampler, a delay pedal, lots of reverb and a stack of records.

I am also pleased to announce that Jack Dove will be unveiling another new sculptural light based work, along with live projected visuals from Hype Williams.

Doors will open at 7 music will start at 9

£4 donation on the door

See you there



So yes! We played our first show ever last weekend and we survived! Under the influence of tiredness at the wheel, copious Fall CDs and something inedible from a service station en route we played a show in Salford as part of the Sounds Of The Other City festival, our stage curated by Manchester wunderkinds Comfortable On A Tightrope.

It was a perfect grey Salford day and we saw a lot of great bands including Girl Mountain, Divorce, Dinner Party, Waiters, Sex Hands, Pheromoans, No Womb and our best buds Talk Normal too. Myself and Claire felt it went "fairly" well and we were strangely prepared so it wasn't totally seat of the pants, what's next? I have no idea conditions. Immediate feedback from the onlooking crowd suggested we played too loud, sound like a gamelan version of Joy Division (Salford!) have good songs at the start and end of the set and something pretty weird in the middle, so all in all we're more than satisfied and encouraged to continue damaging our/your hearing. I hope you like our pictures! from the show! The Dalmation was the guardian of the left PA speaker whilst we all admired our new watches that could add up numbers, transfer phone numbers and tell the time and everything! TECHNOLOGY. OK, more soon for you!