Sunday, 7 February 2010


We have recorded a few new songs this weekend, early morning style under the influence of epic hangovers, at our recording space in Acton. We were energised by the fantastic Please/Peepholes/Jelas/Dignan Porch show on Saturday and inspired to work through the pain! Added to the myspace, at

While we were practising, one of the amps Chris was using kept picking up transmissions from another studio next door. This meant that we enjoyed listening to a band covering Basket Case by Green Day for over an hour. We even joined in for a while, but had no idea if our version reached them.

We have also confirmed our first show on the 26th May at the exciting Stour Space in Hackney. This is an industrial space in Homerton that hosts art exhibitions and parties, and we are psyched to be asked to play there. We'll post more details soon.

This week sees us trying to finish another couple of songs, and make firm plans to do some proper recording for our 7" which we want to release after Easter. Super busy!