Thursday, 12 December 2013


Here's a link to some words we wrote for THE WIRE's portal. Much gushing and general appreciation for Alice Oswald, Penda's Fen, The Hill Figure Homepage, Some Landscapes blog, Croydon Municipal, Stanley Spencer's Cookham and Susan Philipsz too.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Swept By Ghosts MIXTAPE

Here's our mixtape for 20 Jazz Funk Greats! Thanks for the kind words too! 


"There are days, in that period where English Autumn greets biting Winter, when the cold, the damp, the grey and the ochre come together like a synesthesic brew that intensifies our sensations and sharpens our memories, helping them cut through the psychic barriers of the everyday, and transforming our day into a ramble down grounds in spatial-temporal flux , swept by ghosts from the past and feelings that are part history, and part dream, ours and our forebears".

01. Sun City Girls - Plaster Cupids Falling From The Ceiling
02. Eyeless In Gaza - Pencil Sketch
03. Lol Coxhill - B Movie Prelude
04. Alice Oswald - Looking For Cowslips
05. Richard Skelton - Green Withins Brook
06. Sympathy Nervous - Inverted Type
07. Amps For Christ - Lord Bateman (Child 53)
08. XTC - Grass (Home Demo)
09. Brotherhood Of Lizards - Duck House
10. Henry Flynt - Jumping
11. Ron House - Book Taped To My Forehead
12. Fantastic Palace - The Way Through The Wilds
13. Shirley & Dolly Collins - Come All You Little Streamers
14. Gothic Voices - Rose, Liz, Printemps, Verdure
15. Fiction Factory - (Feel Like) Heaven
16. Jack Name - Killing A Shadow
17. Mickey Gloss - Own Ghosts
18. Mount Eerie - Engel Der Luft (Popol Vuh)
19. Rob St. John - Sargasso Sea
20. Date Palms - Psalm 4
21. Coil - Dark River
22. The Bomber Jackets - Centurion Timeline
23. The Door And The Window - I Like Sound
24. The Shadow Ring - The Riverside
25. Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides - Wooden Eye With Burning Vision