Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Your Hand Hold, For I Have No More

Our deep map about Bethnal Green is now finished. The final project comprises a 40 page book, a map and a 43 minute CD. Designed as a guided walk around parts of E2, it is a personal and meditative exploration of multiple histories, with an emphasis on the supernatural everyday and the resonant nature of the landscape.

You can buy a copy from Rough Trade or from Upset The Rhythm HERE, plus here's the sound map part to stream and/or download at your pleasure...

Monday, 10 October 2011


Firstly, major thank yous to everyone who came to our record release party last Friday, what a fun evening!! Today sees said record 'Arrow Shower' hit the shops all over the world and so we wanted to celebrate that fact by posting a few photographs...

Our album is pressed on white vinyl and the comes with a lyric sheet and obligatory download card. The cover depicts a collision of ancient and more modern English custom and ritual drawn and dawbed in paints by ourselves.

The back cover uses a tracklisting to take you through two alternate journeys between each of our parents' houses from our village of Bayston Hill, where we grew up and met each other. We used to meet at certain points along the journey and these again are drawn by ourselves in wobbly detail with a keen nostalgia.

'Arrow Shower' can also be purchased through Upset The Rhythm directly here, for only £8 including P+P:


Thank you so much!
More news soon on our Deep Map project of Bethnal Green too.