Monday, 6 February 2012


Not far south from Jamaica Inn on Bodmin Moor lies Dozmary Pool, the reported dwelling place of The Lady In The Lake and the plate of water where Excalibur was returned to by Bedivere after King Arthur's fatal wounding at the battle of Camlann. Dozmary Pool is claimed also as the site where a particularly mean-spirited Cornish magistrate called Jan Tregeagle made a Faustian pact with the Devil for unrivaled power and wealth, upon his death the openly-disliked Tregeagle was summoned to the depths of Dozmary Pool for an eternity of torment. Today, Dozmary Pool is a creepily desolate place, birds flock silently across the horizon, weathered posts sink into the glooping mud, for all appearances the lake resembles a leaden mirror, still and melancholic, all too quiet and unpopulated, engaging and wild.

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