Saturday, 26 June 2010


So recently we have been touring historic houses, drinking milkshakes and thinking about the supernatural.

And spending lots of time in our tiny space where we practice. I always wonder what the dazed people on the 55 bus think when we get on it at 1.30am with all our gear to go home, completely worn out and drenched with sweat. One of us will always fall over trying to carry all our stuff.
We practice in a place called Netill House in Hackney, an ex-squat that has been subdivided into a warren of artist's studios and other random spaces. There is a cafe on the top floor which provides awesome views of the City and allow you to see the police helicopters in their semi-permanent circuits around the borough. There are always impromptu parties going on and although the building is full of people you still feel like the last person alive when you roam the corridors at night. I am going to take my camera next time to share.

Anyways, there is a couple of new bits and pieces on the songs front. A new song, Tall Poppy, has been added to the myspace. We've also got lots of shows coming up, starting on 3rd July where we are absolutely honoured to be playing the last show at Barden's Boudoir. This place has been really important to us and we've both worked there, partied there and played on the stage there in our previous groups, so we are thrilled to be able to play in our new band. There's a facebook group to join to get on the list to guarantee entry. It's going to be a crazy night. We're also playing in Brighton for Sex is Disgusting on 14th July, which is really exciting! Our last show in July will be on 26th with Wild Nothing at CAMP Basement, so we'll be old hands at the live shows malarkey by the end of the month. Maybe.

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