Monday, 10 May 2010


So yes! We played our first show ever last weekend and we survived! Under the influence of tiredness at the wheel, copious Fall CDs and something inedible from a service station en route we played a show in Salford as part of the Sounds Of The Other City festival, our stage curated by Manchester wunderkinds Comfortable On A Tightrope.

It was a perfect grey Salford day and we saw a lot of great bands including Girl Mountain, Divorce, Dinner Party, Waiters, Sex Hands, Pheromoans, No Womb and our best buds Talk Normal too. Myself and Claire felt it went "fairly" well and we were strangely prepared so it wasn't totally seat of the pants, what's next? I have no idea conditions. Immediate feedback from the onlooking crowd suggested we played too loud, sound like a gamelan version of Joy Division (Salford!) have good songs at the start and end of the set and something pretty weird in the middle, so all in all we're more than satisfied and encouraged to continue damaging our/your hearing. I hope you like our pictures! from the show! The Dalmation was the guardian of the left PA speaker whilst we all admired our new watches that could add up numbers, transfer phone numbers and tell the time and everything! TECHNOLOGY. OK, more soon for you!

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