Monday, 18 January 2010


Hey! As promised we locked the door, turned the lights off/volume up and pressed record in one of the most fucked-up rehearsal rooms in London last weekend in an attempt to radiate some sound to tape. The head-sized hole in the wall was there when we arrived as was the scent of a sweaty adolescent metal band, but that wasn't going to stop us. After 4 hours we'd recorded about 6 songs with a variety of skill, some of those songs (arguably the best of the bunch) are now cycling around here:

SAD TWIN was the first song we wrote and pretty much deals with an event of jaw-dropping exploitation in Bethnal Green that Claire witnessed first hand during her daily walk to work, ask her about it sometime!

BROTHER'S RAPID is in instrumental version here as the take with vocals ended up sounding a bit too much (in my head) like They Might Be Giants (having an asthma attack) or if you are as kind as Claire like Bare Naked Ladies, low blow! It was only one small part of the song, but that's what you get from pulling thoughts out of book against the clock.

NOCTURNAL MIDDLE RUMBLES is the first in an ongoing series of covers we will be performing by perhaps the best band ever to climb out of Folkestone; The Shadow Ring. It has a lovely phrase in it about catching pneumonia through letting "pushy nature" intimidate you.

Hope you enjoy them, we'll have more for you sooner or later!

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